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20 Fun Facts That Sound Fake BUT Are Actually True

Welcoem to Life Is Too Short… In today’s post we are going to present you .20 Fun Facts That Sound Fake BUT Are Actually True. We hope you enjoy and leave a comment with your favourite one!

Let’s gets Started…

Sometimes you can hear an extraordinary fact about geography, historic event, scientific experiment, or everyday life situation that will sound so unbelievable that you would think it was fake…

However, such a fact can be completely real! And now it’s time for you to hear 20 Fun Facts That Sound Fake BUT Are Actually True, but remember that even if it’s hard to believe in them… They are true!

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If you prefer to read….

Here you go…

1- If you take the finger, put it right into the ear, and then scratch, you will hear the sound of the Pac Man. Well, you are probably trying to do it now!

2- The Russian surface is larger than the surface of Pluto.

Picture from Pixabay

3- Heroin was a popular solution to treat coughs earlier. It was allowed not only for adults but also for kids that struggled with coughs.

4- If you compare the size of Russia and Bangladesh, you will see that Russia is 100 times larger than Bangladesh. But the population of these countries is shocking…

There are165 million people living in Bangladesh and only 140 million people living in Russia.

5- If you look at the flag of Norway you will notice that it includes the flags of 6 different countries: Finland, Poland, Netherlands, France, Indonesia, and Thailand.

6- Together, we make more photos every 2 minutes than all people around the world in the 19th century.

7- DNA of people is 50% similar to the DNA of bananas. How did it happen though?

Picture from Pixabay

8- The usual earthworm has 5 hearts, while you have just one, so care about it.

9- The location of people’s noses is very lucky, as any person can look at his nose anytime.

Trying to compensate for the distraction, the brain tries to get rid of the beak from the picture it creates based on feedback from your eyes. You probably see it now.

10- You can’t tell that peanuts are nuts, as they are growing in the ground so they can be related to the family of beans.

Hope you enjoying so far…. #18 will shock you!

11- The number of hearts that octopus possesses is also impressive, as it has 3 hearts. However, if any octopus could read this text it would say that its ex was definitely heartless.

12- If you are wondering what food would never become spoiled… It is honey! Just imagine… Even if you could live for 1000 years, you still could eat the same jar of honey.

13- Watermelons, avocados, and bananas belong to the berries family, while strawberries don’t.

14- France still had the law allowing to execute people with the use of the guillotine, when the Star Wars movie was released for the first time.

15- Wondering what is the oldest university in the world? It is Oxford University. It even predates the appearance of the Aztec Empire.

16- It is proven that you can be killed by a vending machine with a 2 times bigger possibility than by a shark.

17- At first, all carrots had a purple color and became orange only because of selective breeding.

18- Here is an impressive experiment. Just take a bucket and pour it with water. After that, put there a can of usual Coke and a can of Diet Coke. See the difference now, as the Diet Coke will float there, while the usual one will sink immediately.

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19- Here is when and how the abbreviation OMG was used for the first time. It was mentioned in a letter that was sent to Winston Churchill in 1917.

20- Just imagine that the number of hydrogen atoms in a teaspoon of water is significantly higher than the number of teaspoons of water filling the sea.

We hope you learn something new today and enoy the 20 Fun Facts That Sound Fake BUT Are Actually True.

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