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Fun Fact In Five About Harry Potter

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In this article we will present you 15 Fun Facts In Five about Harry Potter.

You better watch till the end as number 13 is definitely one of the most impressive Fun Facts I’ve ever heard about!

The copies oh Harry Potter were sold more than 500 million times around the globe, as a result of which it became the best-selling book series.

The magical world of Harry Potter is not just about some stories in books or movies. Hhere you have 15 fun facts about Harry Potter!

Let’s Get Started…

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  1. Rupert Grint is suffering from arachnophobia, that is why he didn’t act a lot in the scene where he and Harry Potter met Aragog.
  1. All meals shown in episodes are completely Oh, and I want to eat right now so much.
  1. Daniel Radcliffe had struggles while playing every character except for Hermione during the seven Potters scene.
  1. Maggie Smith had breast cancer when she was acting in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
  1. When Harry Melling lost weight producers made him wear a fat suit as they didn’t want to change the way Dudley Dursley was looking.
  1. When Daniel and Emma were kissing in front of the camera, Rupert laughed so hard that he was asked to leave the set.
  1. When Shirley Henderson needed to play the ghost of Moaning Myrtle she was 36 years old, although her character was only 14. This age difference is crazy!
  1. The dressers sewed the pockets of Tom Felton as Tom was bringing snacks onto the set in these pockets all the time.
  1. Daniel Radcliffe felt allergic when he was wearing his green contact lenses, so he stopped putting them on. Emma Watson also struggled with artificial things, for example, she wasn’t able to speak when she was wearing her false buck teeth. Thus, it became impossible to make characters look the same way as the characters from the book.

Did you know….

  1. Emma Watson wasn’t confident enough to hug the guys on the set; after that, Christopher Columbus changed that thing so Emma needed to hug Harry at first and then hug Ron. But she became very embarrassed anyway, so she only shook his hand.
  1. Alan Rickman was playing a Snape and he put on black contacts for that. The new director of the movie was sure that Alan’s eyes were real, so he became shocked when he realized they were fake.
  1. After finishing the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, you may notice in the credits that dragons weren’t damaged during the set. Well, that was obvious!
  1. Do you know how many coins were made specifically for the Gringotts scene and the Death Hallows Part 2? 210000 coins! Quite a lot, right?
  1. Hero Fiennes-Tiffin who played Young Tom Riddle in the movie is a relative of Ralph Fiennes who played Voldemort; he is his nephew.
  2. Daniel changed 160 pairs of glasses during the whole filming period.

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