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Fun Fact In Five About Superheroes

Hello guys, welcome to Life Is Too Short! Right now you will hear 17 Fun Fact In Five About Superheroes.

You better watch till the end because number 14 is awesome! It’s one of the best Fun Facts I’ve ever heard about!

All superheroes are coming to people faster than Flash, as you can see them in the cinema, in magazines, and so on.

The lovers of superheroes have been watching incredible storylines for many years, however, some storylines could surprise you not in a good way. As we are waiting now for what Stan Lee will create next, let’s talk about some exciting facts about superheroes.

Let’s Get Started…

1- Do you know what IQ does Bruce Wayne have? It is 192, can you even imagine? It is more than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein had, as they had only 160. Well, probably it’s time for Batman to create Bat-strophysics.

2-The fans of superheroes can be really excited to study in the University of Victoria, because this university offers to learn Science of Batman subject that is dedicated to the Dark Knight. Students can learn there how they are wasting the money of their parents.

3-Gambit has an incredible superpower: he has a hypnotic charm possibilities, so he can affect anyone. Okay, but I also have charm which helps me… to clear a room.

4- Thor is very powerful, his great skill is being able to speak and everyone can understand him. It would be so cool to use such a skill in Romania, trying to get out of a parking ticket. Wow, incredible!

Source: FilmDaily

5- Daredevil is so lucky to have so many useful powers… He can hear human beings having a conversation through a soundproof wall, besides, he can feel a heartbeat 20 feet away from someone. He can also detect if someone is lying based on the heartbeat’s changes. Such a necessary skill, however, a drum session can spoil the whole thing for sure.

6- Do you know how Stan Lee created Spider-Man? So he saw a fly on the wall and the he understood that a superhero who could stick to any surface would be awesome. He wasn’t sure about the name though, as he tried

Mosquito-Man and Insect-Man but then he came up with Spider-Man because the other names were not cool. It’s sad that he didn’t come up with «Bee-Man» though…

7- Peter Parker has incredible brains that allowed him to create a time machine although he used a microwave, VCR, and blender only. Is it really so unusual? Because when I needed to fix my Xbox I just hit it and it worked!

8- When the Avengers Endgame was released, its fans around the whole world went crazy… So tickets on eBay were sold for $10000 on the Opening night. It’s not even funny. Such a huge amount of money…

9- At first, Stan Lee was planning that the Hulk would be grey, but printing issues changed that, so the Hulk became green. And it is great, as if he was grey he would look like he was ill and required some vitamin D!

10- If you watched «What if?» comic series created by Marvel, then you remember how the radioactive sheep bit Peter Parker as a result of which he became a Sheep-Boy. Looks like if you have impressive powers you will also get impressive sweater making duties.

11- Stan Lee said that Dr. Doom wasn’t a villain as he only wanted to rule the world and it is not against the law. He said you could say to a policeman that you wanted to rule the whole world. And this policeman wouldn’t be able to get you into prison because you didn’t break the law. Sounds fair, right?

12- Iron Man has more than 50 suits, some of them are used for getting to the oceans, others are used for fighting the Avengers, however, one of them has a backup of the mind of Tony Stark, allowing it to function if Tony Stark becomes incompetent. I also have many suits, but usually I simply borrow them from my cousin or uncle.

13- Have you noticed that Spider-Man has a hyphen in his name, although Superman, Batman, and others don’t? Stan Lee decided to do so to distinguish Spider-Man from other famous superheroes.

14- Bruce Wayne known as Batman was named after Robert the Bruce who was King of Scots and after Anthony Wayne who was the Revolutionary hero in the USA.

15- The Green Arrow created by DC once made a shot of water drop from a faucet using his bow and arrow and hit that drop on the nose. So impressive!

16- It’s impossible to find answers to all questions, so it’s still not understandable if a Cat-woman is a villain or a hero. It is obvious that she is a thief naturally, but sometimes she works with Batman and helps good people.

17- Do you think that Superman was the only one who survived the Krypton planet? Well, it is not true, because Krypto the Super-dog was a survivor as well. This dog has the same skills as Superman has, besides, it even owns its own TV series. Wow!

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