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Fun Facts About Cats

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If you have a cat, I’m sure you love it and enjoy spending time with it but you probably have no idea how amazing your pet is. You can really spend time with your fur friend in so many cool ways.

Right now you will hear 15 really Fun Facts About Cats.

You better watch till the end because number 8 is probably one of the coolest Fun Facts I’ve ever heard about!

Let’s Get Started…

  1. Did you notice that cats are not fans of sweet food, although people can’t live without chocolate? Here is the explanation: cats don’t have an ability to detect sweetness, that’s why they are not into sweet food.


  1. Cats have an incredible ability to heal themselves by purring. The frequency of purring of cats can be from 25 to 150 Hertz, and this is exactly the frequency at which bones and muscles usually repair well. What an awesome skill!


  1. When a person is afraid of something he can become extremely sweaty, while cats have a unique feature because only their paws can be sweaty.


  1. Many centuries ago people loved cats even more than now and respected them a lot. When someone’s cat died, the owner could even shave the eyebrows to show the mourning. Unusual things for sure.


  1. Cats have a unique organ in their bodies. This organ helps them to taste scents on the air. Now you probably understand why the cat can look at you with mouth open sometimes.

Source: Pixabay

  1. When your cat is coming to you with a straight tail that is almost vibrating, it has a meaning. Your cat is definitely very happy to see you.


  1. Cats don’t use meowing to communicate with other cats. They created such a «language» to contact people only.


  1. There are cats who can’t live without some unusual food, for example, olives, hops in beer, or potato chips… Really weird.


  1. Sometimes cats can act like thieves, and you probably noticed that. They can take some things like stuffed animals, or dust collectors, or literally anything that is similar to prey.

Let’s Keep Moving…

  1. There are about 200 homeless cats living in Disneyland, they help to get rid of unnecessary rodents And sure, these cats don’t wear any funny clothes or speak.


  1. Scientists proved that the 1st year of a cat’s life can be counted as 15 years of human life. Then, after the 2nd year, one year of a cat’s life becomes 25 years in human life. And then, every single year a cat is the same as 7 years for people. Cats learn fast as you can see.


  1. There are 500 million cats living at homes worldwide, can you imagine that number? And there are about 40 breeds of cats.

Source: Pixabay

  1. A hearing of cats is significantly better than a hearing of dogs. Besides, cats are allowed to hear high-frequency sounds which are 2 octaves higher than people can hear.


  1. Cats can run at a 31 mph speed if it is not a long distance. So fast!


  1. Usually, a cat spends 67% of a day sleeping. So a cat who is 9 years old has probably been awake for 3 years only…

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