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Fun Facts About The UK

Hello guys, welcome to Life Is Too Short! Today,  we will present you 20 Fun Facts In Five about the UK.

You better watch till the end as number 18 made me speechless! That’s the most extraordinary Fun Fact I’ve ever heard about!

The United Kingdom is probably one of the most famous and powerful places in the whole world. So many people think they really know a lot about the UK just because it’s popular.

But you will be surprised to hear these facts! I bet even locals don’t know everything from this list, although it’s so funny. So…

Let’s Get Started…

Fun Facts About The UK

  1. The number of chickens in Great Britain is higher than the number of people. And now I’m curious… Is it Great Britain or Great Chicken?
  1. There is a famous railway station in Wales called… Well… «Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch». Okay, stop. It is a little bit confusing to say it.
  1. Queen Victoria got a huge cheese wheel as a gift, and its diameter was 3 meters, can you imagine?

Source: Pixabay

  1. Here is the situation when the stereotype is actually true. British people really drink more tea than people from other countries. It is not less than 165 million cups every single day.
  1. London wasn’t known like London earlier, actually, it had some extraordinary names. When the Romans got there, the city was called Londonium. During the Anglo-Saxon period this city was Ludenwic, but when Alfred the Great started to rule the city was named Lunenburg.
  1. You probably read or heard the rhyme called «London Bridge is falling down». But can you imagine that it was created more than a thousand years ago?  The Saxons decided to get rid of London Bridge and they used ropes and boats to take it down. Most people are sure that is how this rhyme was created.
  2. The United Kingdom was the first place where it became possible to create a baby using the DNA of 3 people.
  1. When the Navy of Great Britain was near the African coast, it was turning on the songs of Britney Spears to scare the Somali pirates.
  1. When someone from the Royal family is celebrating the wedding, all citizens have a national holiday. The next day after the wedding, all people in the country have a day off. Really unusual but cool, yeah?
  1. The number of people who speak English is more in the USA, India, the Philippines, Nigeria, and Pakistan than in the UK.

Source: Pixabay

  1. Every horse in the United Kingdom has a passport. Cool but weird, right?
  1. Wondering what are the most popular surnames in the United Kingdom? Here is the answer: Smith, Williams, and
  1. If you are living in the UK and you are lucky enough to live a long life, you will receive a personalized birthday card from the Queen for your 100th birthday.
  1. England and Zanzibar are the record holders when we talk about the shortest war in the whole history. These countries started the war in 1896 but after 38 minutes only, Zanzibar decided to surrender.
  1. Earlier, sausages were known here as the «Bags of Mystery».
  1. There is an official prohibition for people to die in parliament houses. It’s not like a dying person can control it though…
  1. Some people work as mourners in England, so any person can hire them for a funeral to make it look more dramatic or crowded.
  1. Elizabeth II who is the current Queen of the UK has travelled to more than 115 countries. Quite a lot! But the best thing is that… She didn’t have a passport.
  1. Great Britain is pretty small and the location of the cities is quite interesting. You won’t be able to find a place in Great Britain that is located more than 75 miles from the sea coast.
  1. Citizens of the UK are reading the news all the time. Can you imagine that in general, each person receives 38 kilograms of newspapers per year?

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