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Fun Facts In Five About The World

Hello guys, welcome to Life Is Too Short! Right now you will hear 15 Fun Facts In Five about our world.

You better watch till the end because number 15 is the Funniest Fact!

Probably everyone thinks that he knows this world really well as we live here every single day, so nothing can make us shocked or surprised, right? But it is not true. And I will prove it in this video, as I’ll tell you about 15 impressive facts about this world.

Here we go….

  1. Before the end of the 16th century, farmers from the Netherlands took mutant purple carrots and tried to develop them making them into the sweet and orange ones that we eat nowadays.
  1. The only food that can’t be spoiled is honey. The jar of honey can be used for 3000 years. I’m speechless because it’s so unbelievable!
  1. Can you imagine who was the most successful pirate in history? You probably can’t because it was a prostitute from China.
  1. 60% of human DNA is the same as bananas’ DNA.
  1. Now just imagine that the trunk of an elephant consists of 40000 muscles, while a person has only 850 muscles.
  1. There are only 2 countries in this world where you can’t purchase a can of Coca-Cola. They are North Korea and Cuba. I truly can’t imagine how people can live without this drink.

Thirsty…. Let’s Keep Moving 🙂

  1. If you are drinking a glass of water, it is 100% possible that it contains at least 1 molecule of water that has passed through a dinosaur earlier. Well, stop. I need to realize it.
  1. That bluebird that you can see in the logo of Twitter is named The founders of Twitter named that bird after the famous basketball player Larry Bird.
  1. If you come to Japan, you will notice that some traffic lights here have a blue light instead of green light. It is so because these 2 colors in Japan were named the same way.
  1. Taking a hot bath is not only very comfortable but also extremely beneficial as a person can burn as many calories as the number of calories that can be lost after walking for half an hour. Well, who will choose a walk or a diet now if it’s possible to take a nice hot bath instead?
  1. When you decide to create ice cubes from tap water their color will be white, however, if you choose boiled water these ice cubes will be transparent. Now just check it.
  1. If you come to Taiwan you can visit a restaurant where waiters serve meals on small toilets. Okay, my hunger just went away.
  1. The surface of Pluto is 2370 kilometers across while the surface of Russia is so much more as its radius from East to West is 10000 km and the radius from North to South is 4000 km.
  1. The biggest family in the whole world lives in India. Indian man Ziona Chana has 39 wives, 94 children, 33 grandchildren, and 14 daughters in law. How is that even possible?
  1. One man planted 7000 trees to create a wood in the shape of a guitar which was a tribute to his wife. It is so romantic and beautiful!

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