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Funniest Moments In Friends

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Welcome to Life is too short. In today’s video, we have a collection of top 5 funniest moments you’ve hardly missed in one of the funniest TV show ‘Friends’. If you love watching such videos and don’t want to miss the upcoming episode, hit the red subscribe button now and tap the bell icon.

Let’s Get Started…

Number 05 Cat Attack Ross.

Well, there are countless episodes and picking out one of the funniest is not an easy job but this episode is something special. In his scene, the long-haired ginger cat grabbed the viewers’ attention. During a New York City-wide blackout, David Schwimmer we know as Ross was about to confess his feeling.

For the very first moment the scene looks so romantic. Even Ross assumed that she got his intention and everything was just heading right direction but in fact, she is actually looking at the cat which is on a ledge above and behind Ross.

Ross didn’t notice the cat until it finally landed on his shoulder and cause him to scream. The entire scenario became even funny when we see other buddies inside the apartment singing and right behind them, Ross is freaking out with the cat clinging to his shoulder. Well, obviously they used a fake for that segment.

Needless to say, for a couple of moments, the cat was the star.  I guess even David Schwimmer will never forget that episode.

Number 04 Ross Got High.

The Geller parents are coming over for Thanksgiving but they don’t know a number of surprises are waiting for them. First Chandler tries to charm them but unfortunately, their dislike of him is deeply ingrained. In this episode, there are lots of things to make you laugh.

Monica convinced Rachel to make the dessert for thanksgiving, but the pages of the recipe book are stuck together and Rachel ends up making a trifle that tastes weird. Finally, the situation leads to a waterfall of confession from Ross about Monica and Monica about Ross including Ross being fired from the museum then marrying and getting divorced a third time, and Ross reveals that Monica and Chandler are living together.

This made Phoebe confess her love with Jacques Cousteau. But it turned out to be a joke when Judy informs Phoebe that Jacques Cousteau is dead. At a moment Judy looks very sharp-minded woman when she said, lots of information she got in just 30 seconds.

Surprisingly it was a lucky day for Chandler since at the end of the discussion the Geller parents call him a wonderful human being.

Number 03 Joey’s New Brain.

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This episode has many twists and every twist gives you uncontrollable laughter. Joey gets a brain transplant from the dying star, so he goes to her for advice.

Meanwhile, the wedding arrangement, Monica and Chandler found that Ross has a surprise for them.

When Joey consults the veteran actress Cecilia Monroe about how to play her character once he goes through the brain transplantation, both hook up during the rehearsal. In the next scene, Monica and Chandler were got shocked hearing extremely bad noise of the bagpipes and they found that Ross was hoping to learn it properly and play on their wedding. However, both convinced him not to play the bagpipes. While other characters,

Rachel and Phoebe found a cell phone left behind by a cute guy, both were planning to wait for a call from the cute guy so they can plan a date but bad luck strikes and they found that the cell phone belongs to the cute guy’s elderly boss.

Number 02 Phoebe’s art work Gladys.

Gladys is a horrific painting created by Phoebe Buffay. It is a three-dimensional picture of a semi-bald woman that looks really horrible at first glance. When Rachel enters the room she gets shocked by a bold semi-bald woman painting.

Right after a moment, Joey appears and told her that he bought it from Monica. However, Rachel tells him that Gladys is haunted and every night the lady comes out of the painting. Terrified Joey asks Rachel to return the picture and then the next scene creates humor.

Rachel goes to Monica, initially, they fight for not keeping the painting. Both ladies were pushing the painting that looks quite amazing at the time when Buffay enters. Suddenly, Both flipped the scene and started pulling the painting.

The end was scariest and awful for Rachel and Monica when Buffay offers one more painting.

Number 01. Chandler kisses Joey’s girlfriend.

Well, it is not a secret that there is a rule in the series FRIENDS that everyone has to follow and the rule is Friends don’t date a friend’s girlfriend but Chandler tempted by Kathy Joey’s girlfriend. When Kathy arrives at Joes’s room, he was out and she started a small chat with Chandler that provokes their feeling.

At the moment both were about to kiss but suddenly a phone ring ruined viewers’ expectation that was quite funny too. Both controlled their feeling but in the end, viewers got what they wait for.

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