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Funniest Moments in Pirates Of The Caribbean

Funniest Moments in Pirates Of The Caribbean

Hello folks…. Welcome to Life is too short…. Today  we are going to show you the Funniest Moments in Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Pirate of Caribbean is one of the most popular Hollywood movie series, full of actions, fight and of course jab dropping surprises. In today’s video, we are going to talk about the top 5 Funniest Moments in Pirates Of The Caribbean, so if you are a fan of this series watch till the end.

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05 The Wedding: At World’s End

Being the director of the most expensive Hollywood film is a proud moment but direct a scene that makes the audience laugh is a really challenging job.

However, the director Gore Verbinski did his job very well in Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End. Well, probably there are countless moments you can experience uncontrollable laughter but the wedding takes place in the middle of war on Carrabean was the symbol of a passionate director.

Will and Elizabeth finally decided to express their feelings middle of the warship. They don’t know whether they going to live a happy life or would die at the next so they ask ship’s captain Barbossa to lead the rituals and marry them.

Director Gore Verbinski has paid attention to every moment in order to add the elements of humor and romance and needless to say that he successfully filmed everything. I’m sure the audience would have been happy seeing the last lovemaking moments of the wedding. Actually, it’s a cool idea. What do you think? Have you ever proposed anyone in such a thrilling way?

04 Jack Escapes from the King of England: on Stranger Tides

There is no wonder “Pirates of Carrabin” is the most adorable movie series in the history of Hollywood. It has gained a huge fan following from all around the world.

Every character is written very well and performed by actors beyond the expectation and Jack sparrow, I mean captain Jack sparrow is one the characters that made the entire series fairly popular. He is famous for his brilliant escapes; one of his escapes which I personally love is The Escapes from the King of England in “on Stranger Tides”.

The sequence reminds us of how smart Jack Sparrow really is! He tricked the soldiers, played a little bit with them, waited for the right moment and get out of the king’s palace.

A brief Judy Dench cameo adds more humor when Jack straightly landed in her lap. He looked at her for a couple of moments and before living he made another trick. Jack bit the lady and took off the earring which was the most amazing part of the chase.

Source: Pixabay

03 The Rescue of Jack Sparrow: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is the fifth entry of the series and just like the previous versions; it has pirates, sea monsters, action, adventure and our favorite Johnny Depp. Dead Men Tell No Tales has faced too many problems and couldn’t reach fans’ expectations.

However, the opening scene has received positive feedback. Needless to say, the reason is Jack Sparrow and the funny fighting scene. In the beginning, we can see Jack was about to beheaded when Henry Turner along with Jack’s former crew attempted to rescues both Jack and Carina from execution.

The most amusing part of the scene was the swing Turner made. He took a good start but the landing was imperfect yet very funny. The fight has a few more moments that make you laugh. The blade was about the cut off Jack’s head and then the rescue team made an explosion that saved Jack.


02 The Three-Way Sword Fight

What do you like the most in Pirates of the Caribbean series? I am sure many of us would love the way Jack Sparrow deals with opponents.

The same thing he did in the three-way battle between Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Norrington. Initially, the moves look like a usual kind of fight. But we all know, when Jack Sparrow is part of the fight, it won’t be more like a usual fight.

Pirates of the Caribbean fans never miss the part when Will Turner and Norrington started a battle over the giant wheel and suddenly the wheel started rolling. Finally here comes the part we are all waiting for. Jack unconsciously falls into a grave and unfortunately, he gets stuck into the rolling wheel.

The last-minute fight including funny jumps and bounces blows your mind.

01 The bank Loot: Dead Men Tell No Tales

“Dead Men Tell No lies” is the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean series. Due to numerous obstacles, the movie couldn’t receive sufficient positive reviews but the matchless bank robbery trick with a couple of little surprises were the reasons we must watch at least once.

So it all started when a new bank locker was introduced. According to the authority, the locker was absolutely safe but the right next moment when the door was opened, people get shocked seeing Jack and that’s the first surprise.

The moment when the door opens and everyone noticed Jack was quite amusing since a moment before the safe was announced as an absolutely unbreakable locker. That’s how jack always makes magic. The entire robbery scene is full of chase and adventure.

So, guys, this is the list of top 5 Funniest Moments in Pirates Of The Caribbean. Please drop your comments and let me know which one you like the most. If you enjoyed watching the video, tap the like button and share it. For constant updates, subscribe to this channel and ring the bell icon.

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