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Random Facts That Will Teach You Something New This Week

Hello guys, welcome to Life Is Too Short!

Right now you will hear 20 Random Facts That Will Teach You Something New This Week.

You better watch till the end as number 19 is so amazing! I can say it’s one of the coolest Fun Facts I’ve ever heard about!

Just think about how many things you don’t know about this world. We study a lot, then we teach others but still, there are facts that only some people know about. This video is dedicated to such facts.

Let’s Get Satrted…

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1- There are about 150 chemicals in cocoa tree leaves, while its seeds and bark are really harmful to health as well. However, cocoa beans are always used to create chocolate.

2- An alligator has about 3000 teeth growing and changing during the whole life.

3- Beards are not only attractive but they are also great for health as they block from 90% to 95% of ultraviolet radiation which decreases the possibility of skin cancer.

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4- People from Great Britain are drunk in 76% of their images uploaded on Facebook. Open it and check it by yourself because I already did!

5- No one knows what were the last words of Albert Einstein before he died as his nurse didn’t know German.

6- If someone is tickling you and you are laughing you are getting through the real type of a panic attack.

7- Marilyn Monroe was a stutterer but when she became 16 she found out how to destroy stuttering on her own.

8- It is proven that 99% of people choose to backspace the whole password and write it down again if they made a mistake in one letter only.

9- People who smoke have wrinkles ten times more than those who don’t smoke.

10- Females pronounce 20000 words every day, while males say only 7000 words.

Quite interesting, right!

Let’s keep moving…

11- It is proven that 90% of people wash the toothbrush before applying the toothpaste to it.

12- If you pronounce the word “colorful”, it looks just like if you said “I love you”.

13- None of the insects can feel pain just because their bodies don’t have special nociceptors that are in charge of feeling pain.

14- People lie the most on the internet when they agree that they have read and agreed to the terms of service.

15- Frano Selak is the luckiest person in the whole world, as he survived from several life-threatening situations and won a million in a lottery then.

16- Adolf Hitler was the man of the year in Time Magazine issued in 1938.

17- That famous wallpaper on Windows XP is a real location, besides, that image doesn’t have any filters.

18- Japanese people participated in a survey and chose that Ramen noodles were the most impressive invention of the 20th century.

19- The policemen in Thailand need to wear Hello Kitty armbands colored in pink for their punishment.

20- If a lion is roaring, anyone who is standing 5 miles away from that place will hear it.

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